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Back 40 Embroidery is a partnership between Neil, Allison and Karen Isley. We are a small, home based business that started in 2006 with our first embroidery machine.  The business was located in Karen's basement. In 2010 the second embroidery machine was purchased and placed in Neil and Allison's basement.  As demand grew, interest in other imprintable items moved us towards the heat press option.  In 2014, we purchased a larger plotter/cutter/printer, that significantly grew the business in the direction of decals, banners and expanded heat press capabilities.  In 2017 as the business grew, limited space in the two basements, made us decide to purchase a Mod Space trailer to house the business that is now in Neil & Allison's farmyard.  The new home for Back 40 Embroidery gives us plenty of space for a showroom, client meetings, office and working spaces.  We enjoy working with our customers to help their ideas come true in a professional and creative way!

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